About Us

Trusted Jewelers Since 1986

Bob Lanzieri, the creative force behind John Michaels Diamond and Jewelry Studio, was born and raised in the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, back in April of 1962. With a heart as big as the city itself, Bob has a passion for helping the community and supporting special needs individuals. But that’s not all that makes Bob unique. His love for history has led him down the path of Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage, and Estate jewelry. From antique and vintage toys to comic books and more, Bob’s knowledge and enthusiasm for these treasures are unmatched. He’s not just a jeweler, he’s an avid estate buyer who can help you understand the true value of your items before you sell them. And if you’re in need of an estate sale to clean out a house and sell its contents, Bob is your go-to guy. With his expertise and passion, he’ll guide you through the process with care and attention to detail. Bob also has a soft spot for preserving our history, which is why he buys coins and military items. He believes in saving these precious artifacts from being lost or thrown away, ensuring that our history remains intact.

We Buy Gold

Bring in Your Gold, Silver and Diamonds

We also estate liquidation to ensure you get the most out of your beloved belongings. Our expert appeasers and sellers can handle every aspect of an estate sale, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Looking to put a little extra cash in your pocket? John Michaels Diamond & Jewelry Studio pays top dollar for gold, jewelry, watches, and any other jewelry you might have. Bring your broken chains, old rings and other miscellaneous gold and walk out with cash!

Designed and Created In House

Custom jewelry is our specialty. We love to bring new life to old pieces or create something totally from scratch. Our team will work with you to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that will be treasure for years to come.

Convert old or outdated pieces of jewelry into something new again. You can easily take grandma’s diamond and transform it to a beautiful pendant necklace. Lost one earring? Transform its lonely partner to a pendant or bracelet.

Whether you are looking for a custom engagement ring, wedding band, pendant, or bracelet, our in-house jewelry designers can create the perfect piece for you. We start our process by carving a model of the custom piece out of wax. These wax samples show you exactly what the piece will look like before any other materials have been used. These allow you to explore different design ideas before committing to the cost of using any high-value materials like gold, silver, etc.

Our Mission

About John Michaels


We have been in business in Cape Coral, Florida, since 1986 and have built a solid business that will be here for you for years to come.


As experienced Southwest Florida jewelers, there is no need for us to outsource. We proudly handle all jewelry repairs on-site in our store.


If you are buying or selling, rest assured we will offer you a fair price, and treat you and your jewelry with care and respect.